Gardening Mentorship + 3 Months Support

Gardening for beginners can be overwhelming. Whether you want to grow vegetables, maintain your landscape, or win Garden of the Month; this is for you.

Read my Gardening for Beginners blog post.

Save time and money by choosing the right plants the first time. Spend more time enjoying your garden instead of researching.


Site visit: Available virtually using Google Maps to analyze your garden situation. Onsite consults are available in Baton Rouge for a more hands on approach with strict COVID safeguards in place. Masks worn at all times with consult performed outdoors only.

Recommendations: Specific plant recommendations and tips specifically for your home along with time saving advice. Example: Landscape fabric is a waste of money but cardboard really works!

Money saving tips: Save over 50% on plants and gardening materials with my resource guide.

Support: Text or call me with your gardening questions for 3 months from purchase date.


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Landscape designers are expensive. Believe me, I know. I tried to hire one when we bought our first home because I had no idea what I was doing. They required installation as part of the design contract, which cost several $1,000 for the most basic of designs.

What if you just need help with plant selection or a raised bed design? That’s where gardening mentorship comes in.

With 15 years of landscape and vegetable gardening experience in South Louisiana, let me be your gardening mentor with a focus on low maintenance landscaping, native plant selection, and organic solutions.